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Oral B<sup>®</sup> Complete Satin Tape - 50m mint
Oral B® Complete Satin Tape - 50m mint

Pico-Salax® Oral Purgative Orange Powder - 2 Sachets [85030]

Pico-Salax<sup>®</sup> Oral Purgative Orange Powder - 2 Sachets
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Pico-Salax® is an oral purgative with an excellent tolerability profile. The #1 Sold Bowel Prep1 in Canada.Pico-Salax® does not contain sodium phosphate. Pico-Salax® has been available worldwide for over 30 years. When used according to the prescribing information, Pico-Salax® is a generally safe and effective product. Indicated for clearance of the bowel prior to X-ray examination, endoscopy and surgery. Pico-Salax® offers the following benefits. - You only have to drink a small volume of medicine - Studies show that Pico-Salax® is an effective purgative - Pico-Salax® can be used in children 1 year old and over! - Available in single and 2 sachet packages

Size: 2 Sachets

Colour/Flavour: Orange

Our Price: $17.99CAD CAD