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Johnsonsо Baby Powder - 42g
Johnsonsо Baby Powder - 42g

The Bidet SprayЩ - Travel Size - 2oz [695001]

The Bidet SprayЩ - Travel Size - 2oz
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The Bidet SprayЩ - Travel Size. Whenever Nature Calls. Dry Tissue Alone Is Not Enough! Moistened Tissue Cleans Better. Great "Personal Hygiene" Item. When it comes to #2, The Bidet SprayЩ is #1. Moistened tissue cleans better. We all know toilet tissue needs help! Dry toilet tissue alone simply does not achieve complete cleanliness and it can irritate skin. Toilet tissue moistened with The Bidet SprayЩ will cleanse, deodorize and remove debris, leaving private parts soft, fresh and odor-free. Enjoy the ultimate in truly clean, personal hygiene with The Bidet SprayЩ. Our Rinse-Free Formula is Ready To Use. No Water Necessary. Easy-to-use spray. Clean, fresh scent. The Bidet SprayЩ is made with Natural Ingredients, Alcohol- Free and Environmentally Friendly.

Size: 2oz

Our Price: $1.49CAD CAD