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skinfix.<sup>®</sup> Inked Tattoo Balm<sup>™</sup> - 60g
skinfix.® Inked Tattoo Balm - 60g

"Summoning the Spirit of the Wolf" Musical Dancing Figurine [0108604001]

"Summoning the Spirit of the Wolf" Musical Dancing Figurine
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Summoning the Spirit of the Wolf,” the premiere edition in the Call of the Wild Dancer Collection, honours the tradition of dance as a means to summon nature’s guardian spirits. A masterful union of hand-painted sculpture, Native American-inspired symbols and the renowned artwork of Al Agnew, this lovely maiden seemingly comes alive as she turns in time to the music. From head to toe, her entire ensemble is hand painted in remarkable detail. In her hands is a real cloth shawl, instrumental in her dance to call the animal spirits. The cloth shawl is graced with Mr. Agnew’s wolf artwork and features a fringe border. A beautiful work of art on its own, this sculpture combines both music and motion to capture the beauty of the maiden’s dance. At the turn of a key, the 10" tall figure twirls in time to the stirring melody “Beautiful Dreamer,” her shawl unleashing the spirit of the eagle. Measures appr. 10" tall (25 cm). ©2009 The Bradford Exchange All rights reserved

Size: 10" tall

Our Price: $74.99CAD CAD